Object of the Game

Have fun. Set in-character goals that would create a fun gaming experience. (e.g., win a championship or grow a territory.)

Alternatively: have the most money after three rounds.

Wrestler Cards

Wrester cards provide information about each wrestler. Wrestlers have bio information, including height, weight, and hometown. Wrestlers also have a combination of skills, represented by logos.

Wrestlers may also have an ability, a persona, or an item. During gameplay, players may have the opportunity to place stickers onto these spaces. Sticker effects are permanent.

Event Cards

Each event requires unique skills to compete. For any matching element (skill or hometown), a wrestler may roll one die.

Events may have venue effects, including skills or special abilities. During gameplay, players may have the opportunity to place venue stickers onto spaces on an event card.

Events have variable payouts for winners and losers, as shown by the boxes on the event card.

Territory Cards

Territory cards provide information about the business skills of a player. Territories grant income and abilities for players.

If a match occurs on a city noted on a territory card, then the territory holder may use any effect on the territory card AND collect $1 for each die rolled.

During gameplay, players may have the opportunity to place business stickers onto spaces on a territory card.

Game Set Up

Shuffle wrestler and territory cards in the center. Reveal five cards for each player in the game. Place any championships on wrestlers who previously held the title. Place five stacks of money with $1, $2, $3, $4, and $5, respectively.

Players draft one card or stack of money at a time, in sandwich draft order (A-B-C-C-B-A) until all players have collected six items.

Shuffle the plot and event decks. Give each player a set of pawns.

In 4-5 player games, each player takes two pawns.

Round Start

Each player announces the amount of money they currently hold. Players take turns based on cash on hand, from poorest to richest.

Reveal one event for each player in the game.

On their turn, a player may place a pawn on any open space. This is where one of their wrestlers will compete. If the other space is open, then the player may issue a (preferably in character) challenge to another player, offering a cash reward for answering the challenge.

If a player accepts the challenge, then they place a pawn on that location and takes the cash reward. If a player declines, then they must pay the same amount of cash to the challenging player.

Players continue to place pawns until all available spaces are filled.


Events occur in event order. Each player with a pawn at a location picks a wrestler to compete simultaneously.

Players then determine the amount available to their wrestler at the event. In the unfortunate case that a wrestler has no matching elements, then they may roll one courtesy die. Players then select the number of dice they want to roll at the event. Players must roll at least one die. Players throw their dice, and the higher total wins. Each wrestler may roll one die again until any ties are broken.

Event Outcomes

The victor rolls dice equal to the number of dice shown left of the hash on the event card. They collect this value as income. The victor may collect any championships held by the loser.

The loser rolls dice equal to the number of dice shown right of the hash on the event card. They collect this value as income. The loser draws two Plot Cards, keeping one and giving one to the winning player.

Any territory owners may collect $1 for each die rolled in an event.

Plot Cards

Plot cards may be used at any time. Follow the rules on the card.


Wrestlers with championships must compete each round. Record any championship changes.

Round Clean Up

After all events have been played for a round, return all discarded cards to their respective decks. If three rounds have been played, the game ends. Otherwise, continue play at “Round Start” above.

Session Clean Up

After three rounds of play, the game ends. Record any champions, and discuss if you achieved your in-play goals.