wrestLEgacy is a modular legacy game where players tackle the wild world of sports entertainment. In wrestLEgacy, players draft wrestlers and promoters, deploying them to arenas around the world for fame, fortune, and fun. Each game builds on the previous sessions; wrestlers learn new holds, win championships, and form rivalries, while promoters carve out territories and specializations. Each module is designed for 3-5 players, and the game evolves for at least twelve plays. Players may combine modules for larger play experience - scaling up to 30 players or six times the play across territories around the world.

You can preview wrestLEgacy on Kickstarter.

Want a sneak peek from the Kickstarter Campaign? Here's the promotional video.

We are targeting June 25 through August 7 for the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign will feature the main game (the northeast territory), along with five alternative regions. One add-ons includes reasonable creative control of a character within the game - including custom art from our team.


Mischief of Faction

Mischief of Faction is a social deduction megagame where players work with their friends and neighbors to advance their agenda by passing policies and gerrymandering district lines to gain political advantage. In Mischief of Faction, players win by passing their faction's policies or scoring points for their home district. With two routes to victory, players face interesting tradeoffs: help their agenda or help their district? All the while, players are moving from district to district, realigned to their new homes, new colleagues, and new alliances to build.