Mischief of Faction

Mischief of Faction is a social deduction game for 6-25 players and is meant to provide a "megagame" feel with minimal need for game management.  Mischief of Faction offers players two routes to victory: achieving their political faction's goals or improving their current home district faster than other districts.  In some cases, issues may arise that create strange bedfellows, forcing players to consider short- and long-term implications of their decisions.

Players will find elements of Secret Hitler, Werewolf, Resistance, and Two Rooms and Boom in Mischief of Faction.

Mischief of Faction is a social deduction game with multiple routes to victory that encourages strange bedfellow relationships.

Mischief of Faction is roughly a one hour experience.  At conventions, players will have the opportunity to play two games in a given section.