Featured Schools

The Borough University of New York, pronounced affectionately as "Bunny" by its students and faculty, is a bustling community college with a focus on practical education and career development. Located in the heart of New York City, the school is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, welcoming students from all walks of life.

Despite BUNY’s large size and reputation for vocational training, the school is not without its challenges. Alumni and donors are split on the school's direction, with some pushing for greater investment in athletics and others advocating for a stronger research program. The school's mascot, the Bunny, embodies the playful and adaptable nature of the institution, and serves as a reminder to students and faculty alike to stay nimble and responsive to changing needs.

Tensions among different factions within the school present unique challenges.  BUNY remains a vital part of the New York City community, churning out skilled workers and entrepreneurs who help to keep the city running smoothly. With its focus on practical skills and hands-on experience, becoming a Bunny is a great choice for anyone looking to jumpstart their career or learn a new trade.

The College of Northern California (CNC) was founded in the late 20th century through the merger of several tech baron’s fortunes. The result is a highly diverse and innovative institution that blends the best of both worlds. Located in San Francisco, CNC attracts a wide range of students from all over the world who are drawn to its cutting-edge research programs and reputation for producing successful tech entrepreneurs.

  CNC's curriculum is focused on STEM fields. The faculty is comprised of experts in their respective fields, many of whom have made groundbreaking discoveries and have received prestigious awards for their work. Students are encouraged to pursue interdisciplinary studies and to participate in research projects from their first year at the university.

  CNC's alumni network is rapidly growing and influential, with many graduates going on to become leaders in the tech industry, finance, and politics. The university is also known for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, with many students and faculty members actively engaged in environmental and social justice issues. Despite its relatively short history, CNC is a force to be reckoned with in the world of higher education, and its graduates are highly sought after by top companies and organizations around the globe.

The Chicago Dojo has a rich history, rooted in the city's long-standing tradition of organized crime. In the early days, the university was founded by a group of influential businessmen who saw an opportunity to turn the city's notorious underworld to their advantage. They established the Chicago Dojo as a center of research and development, using the vast resources and expertise of the city's criminal underworld to further their academic pursuits.

  Over time, the university evolved, becoming a legitimate academic institution while still maintaining close ties with the criminal element. The Chicago Dojo's unique position allowed it to attract some of the brightest minds in the world, as well as providing its students with unparalleled access to the resources and power of organized crime.

  Today, the Chicago Dojo is a force to be reckoned with, shaping the minds of the world's future leaders while simultaneously amassing vast wealth and influence. Its graduates are known for their exceptional intellect, cunning, and the ability to navigate the murky waters of politics and business with ease. The university's motto, "Knowledge is power," sums up its philosophy perfectly.

The Boston School is a small but mighty innovation hub located in the heart of New England. With a highly selective admission process, only the best and brightest minds are accepted to this prestigious institution. The school is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through rigorous research, which is required at every level of promotion. The faculty and students of the Boston School work tirelessly to push the boundaries of science and technology, constantly innovating and creating new breakthroughs.

  Despite its small population, the Boston School has a reputation that spans the globe. Its alumni are leaders in their fields, making groundbreaking discoveries and solving some of the world's most pressing problems. However, the school's rigorous research requirements can be too much for some students, and many drop out before graduation.

  The Boston School's mascot is the Phoenix, symbolizing the constant rebirth and renewal that comes with innovation and progress.

The Tower School of Economics (TSE) is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, located in the heart of London. TSE has a long-standing tradition of producing practical scholars who excel in the business world. The school's curriculum is focused on hands-on learning, with students encouraged to participate in internships and real-world business projects from the start of their studies.

  TSE's reputation for producing top-tier business professionals has made it a sought-after destination for aspiring students from around the world. The school's alumni network is extensive and influential, with graduates holding key positions in the world's leading companies and financial institutions.

  But TSE is not just a school, it is also a corporate entity in its own right. The school's business operations are designed to help boost the economy of London, through investments and partnerships with leading businesses in the city. This unique approach has made TSE a powerful force in the world of business and economics, with the school's graduates and its corporate arm both contributing to London's success.

Ecole de Paris, located in the heart of the French capital, is a small yet prestigious arts college that has produced some of the world's most talented artists. The institution's philosophy is centered around the belief that creativity and innovation should be encouraged in all aspects of life, not just within the realm of the arts. Ecole de Paris attracts students from all over the world who are looking to hone their craft in the fields of performing and fine arts.

  The campus itself is an exquisite work of art, with stunning architecture and lush gardens that inspire creativity in all who visit. Students are encouraged to collaborate and explore different mediums, from painting and sculpture to music and theater. Ecole de Paris also hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, exhibitions, and performances, which are open to the public.

  Despite its small size, Ecole de Paris has an oversized impact on the arts world. Graduates have gone on to become famous actors, musicians, and artists, with their work being showcased in galleries and theaters around the globe. EdP’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation has made it a beacon for artists of all disciplines, and its reputation as a world-class arts college continues to grow with each passing year.

Putingrad A&M is one of the most prestigious sports schools in all of Russia, located in the heart of Moscow. The university is known for its fierce competitive spirit and win-at-all-costs mentality. Its teams are famous for their aggressive tactics and unrelenting pursuit of victory, which often involve bribery, cheating, and other unsavory practices. Many of its athletes have been caught using performance-enhancing drugs, and rumors persist that the university has connections to organized crime.

  Despite its controversial methods, Putingrad A&M has an impressive track record of success in various sports, from soccer to ice hockey to gymnastics. Its facilities are state-of-the-art, and its coaches are some of the most respected in the country. The university's fans are among the most passionate and devoted, filling stadiums and arenas to capacity for every game.

  Putingrad A&M's reputation for ruthlessness and intimidation has led to a certain amount of fear and resentment from its rivals, both in Russia and abroad. However, for many of its students and alumni, the university represents the pinnacle of athletic achievement and the ultimate expression of Russian competitiveness and pride.

Founded during the tumultuous Sengoku period, the Tokyo Institute has a long and storied history. Originally established as a school for samurai, it quickly evolved into a center for the study of all things intellectual. From mathematics to philosophy, the Tokyo Institute has produced some of the greatest minds in Japanese history.

  While the school's roots may be firmly planted in the past, the Tokyo Institute has always been at the forefront of modern education. Its curriculum is diverse, covering everything from the traditional arts to cutting-edge technology. But what truly sets the Tokyo Institute apart is its rigorous selection process.

   The school's ancient traditions and rigorous academic standards have produced a culture of excellence, where only the most dedicated and skilled students are able to succeed.  Only the most talented and promising students are admitted, and once inside, they are constantly evaluated against their peers. Those who fail to meet the institute's high standards are demoted, while those who excel are promoted to more challenging courses.  Scholars who do make it through the Tokyo Institute emerge as some of the brightest and most innovative minds of their generation, ready to make their mark on the world.

The Hong Kong Hacienda, situated in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, is a unique educational institution that prides itself on its diverse student body and faculty. The school's philosophy is a healthy blend of the rigor and discipline of the Tokyo Institute and the emphasis on labor-intensive education of Beijing State University.

  The Hong Kong Hacienda has earned the reputation as a top-tier university in Asia, attracting students from all over the region and beyond. Modern facilities and innovative teaching methods make it a sought-after destination for students seeking a challenging and fulfilling educational experience.

  However, the Hong Kong Hacienda is not without its challenges. It faces fierce competition from regional rivals such as the ancient Tokyo Institute and the labor-intensive Beijing State University, both of which have long-standing reputations for producing some of the most talented and successful graduates in the world.

  Despite these challenges, the Hong Kong Hacienda remains committed to a focus on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and cultural understanding. Its graduates go on to make significant contributions in various fields, both in Hong Kong, across Asia, and around the world.

Beijing State University, or BSU as it's commonly known, is the largest and most prestigious university in China. Founded in the early 1900s, the university has grown to encompass dozens of departments, schools, and research centers. Despite its size, BSU is known for its tight-knit community, where students and faculty alike support each other in pursuit of academic and professional success.

   Beijing State University is a true reflection of China's work ethic, with a focus on labor-intensive programs that prepare students for careers in manufacturing, service industries, and agriculture. Some critics of the university have called its reliance on labor-intensive programs inefficient, but graduates recognize that the additional support and hands-on experience provided by these programs allows students to achieve excellence in their fields.

  The university's sprawling campus in the heart of Beijing is a blend of modern architecture and traditional Chinese design, with lush gardens and ponds scattered throughout. Beijing State University is proud of its rich history and the contributions of its alumni to the world's economy and culture, and students at the university are encouraged to continue this tradition of excellence.

Other Schools

THE Outback State University is a proud and prestigious institution located in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia. As one of the largest state universities in the country, THE Outback State University is known for its thriving athletic programs, as well as its wide variety of popular majors such as business, engineering, and the sciences.

  The campus itself is a beautiful mix of modern and traditional architecture, featuring large open green spaces and state-of-the-art facilities for students to study, research, and relax. The faculty at THE Outback State University are some of the most renowned and respected experts in their fields, and are dedicated to providing their students with an exceptional education that prepares them for success in their future careers.

  Although THE Outback State University is known for its strong emphasis on athletics and popular majors, the school also offers a diverse range of programs across many academic disciplines, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests. With a vibrant and engaged student body, cutting-edge research facilities, and a commitment to excellence in education, THE Outback State University is truly a world-class institution.

The Los Angeles Lyceum is a renowned institution that has earned a reputation as the party school of the west coast. Unlike other universities that maintain strict admissions criteria and academic standards, the Lyceum accepts almost any student who applies. As a result, the student population is incredibly diverse, encompassing people from all walks of life and all levels of academic ability.

  Despite the school's reputation for being a party school, the faculty members at the Lyceum are some of the most brilliant minds in their respective fields. They have a unique approach to teaching that encourages students to think creatively and outside of the box. Faculty members are able to harness the energy of the party culture to generate a wealth of innovative ideas and new approaches to research and development.

  The Lyceum is not without its challenges, however. Graduation rates are low due to the relaxed academic atmosphere, and many students are more focused on enjoying the social scene than on their studies. However, for those who do graduate, the Lyceum's reputation as a breeding ground for free thinkers and mavericks makes them highly sought after in many industries.

Sao Paulo Central is a prestigious educational institution located in the bustling city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Known originally for its advanced religious programming, SPC has developed a exceptional performing arts school, which nurtures the talents of young actors, singers, and dancers.

   Sao Paulo Central was founded by when multiple religious missionaries merged their academics into a single, central institution to produce a rigorous education and practical training in various ministries.

  Over the years, Sao Paulo Central has secularized and expanded its offerings to include a range of programs in the performing arts, including theater, music, and dance. Students at the school are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop their skills to the fullest.  Today, the Sao Paulo Center is also committed to producing well-rounded graduates who are prepared for success in a variety of fields.

  In addition to its academic programs, Sao Paulo Central is also known for its beautiful campus, which features lush gardens, ornate chapels, and state-of-the-art performance spaces. The institution is deeply embedded in the cultural and spiritual fabric of Sao Paulo, and is widely regarded as one of the premier educational institutions in all of Brazil.

Teotihuacan Tech, located in the shadow of the ancient Aztec ruins outside of Mexico City, is a unique educational institution that marries the teachings of various world religions with cutting-edge technology and manufacturing education. The school has a strong emphasis on overtly religious coursework, with a diverse faculty of religious scholars teaching courses on the beliefs and practices of many faiths. In addition to its religious teachings, Teotihuacan Tech offers a comprehensive education in engineering, computer science, and other fields, with an eye toward using these skills to improve the world and serve a higher purpose.

  The school's name is inspired by the ancient city of Teotihuacan, which was once a center of innovation and technology in the Aztec empire. Teotihuacan Tech students are encouraged to embrace this legacy of innovation and to use their knowledge and skills to help their communities and the world at large. Despite the school's emphasis on religion and community service, Teotihuacan Tech is also recognized as a top-tier research institution, attracting some of the brightest minds in engineering, computer science, and related fields from around the world.

The Istanbul International Institute has a rich and complex history that dates back to the Roman period. Over the centuries, the institution has served various purposes, from educating Byzantine emperors to serving as a madrassa during the Ottoman Empire. Today, the institute is one of the most diverse educational institutions in the world, offering a curriculum that draws from a broad range of academic disciplines and cultural traditions.  The diverse curriculum results in a complicated graduation requirements are uniquely Byzantine.

  Students at the III can expect to receive a rigorous education that challenges them to think critically and creatively about the world around them. The institute places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary study, encouraging students to explore connections between different fields of knowledge.

  Despite its rich history and commitment to tradition, the III is also a forward-thinking institution that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing world. The institute invests heavily in research and development, and its graduates are known for their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether studying the classics or cutting-edge technology, students at the Istanbul International Institute are prepared to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue.

The Emirates Arabian School of Technology (EAST) is a groundbreaking institution of higher learning in Dubai, born from the vision of its founder to build a world-class school that would rival the most prestigious universities in the world. With a massive endowment, EAST hopes to become a haven for students and world-class researchers.

  EAST's impressive campus is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, and research facilities that cater to a wide range of academic fields, from robotics and nanotechnology to engineering and biomedicine. The school prides itself on its world-class faculty, comprised of leading experts in their respective fields, who promise to provide students with a rigorous and challenging education while pursuing aggressive research agendas.

  EAST's educational philosophy is built on the idea that innovation and technological advancement are the keys to unlocking a brighter future.

  Despite being a brand-new institution, EAST has quickly made a name for itself in the academic world. The school has developed close partnerships with some of the most innovative companies in the region.

The Mumbai Institute of Technology is a premier engineering institution located in the heart of the city. Established in the early 20th century, the school has a rich history of producing some of the finest engineers in the world. The curriculum is rigorous and hands-on, with a focus on practical application of theoretical concepts.

  The campus is spread around Mumbai over several state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and advanced computing infrastructure. The school has a faculty of distinguished professors, many of whom are renowned experts in their respective fields.

  Students at the Mumbai Institute of Technology are given a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals, with an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of engineering disciplines, including computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and more.

   Graduates of the Mumbai School of Technology are highly sought after by top companies in India and abroad, and have gone on to successful careers in engineering, research, and management.

Northern South Korea University (NSKU) is a world-renowned higher education institution located in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. It is known for its strategic partnerships with major corporations across Asia and is often referred to as the "Business Research Capital of Asia".

  NSKU's curriculum focuses heavily on practical, business-oriented education with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. Students are encouraged to develop their own start-up companies and create innovative solutions to real-world problems. The university has also established research centers that specialize in fields such as artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, and biotechnology.

  One of the key features of NSKU is its strong connection to the corporate world. The university frequently collaborates with businesses to provide students with internships, real-world projects, and opportunities to sell their research and ideas to corporations or cities for significant profit. This unique approach has produced many successful alumni who have gone on to become influential business leaders across Asia.

  The university continues to attract the best and brightest students and faculty from around the world, making it a hub for international business and innovation.