Den of Wolves Turbo

Adapted to the Basenti Game System

Coming to GenCon 2024

Den of Wolves (Turbo) is coming to GenCon, combining the Oligopoly and Oligarchy portions of the Basenti Game System.  This shorter experience is designed to give players a faster ride through the seminal megagame.  

Den of Wolves is a megagame about military survival in an interstellar footrace from a better armed, better organized, and bitter enemy.  Challenging diplomacy will emerge around a heavily stressed economy - as the "Survivor Fleet" does everything it can to stay one step ahead of the dreaded Wolves.

The basic premise is that humanity has expanded into a stable interstellar network of planets.  Ancient rivalries still color politics, but a relative peace has emerged.  Until a dastardly act by an emergent faction known as "the Wolves" paralyzes humanity's government.

This experience is a hybrid of board game, RPG and political simulation, with the majority of the players representing the various starship captains, political leaders, and occasional specialist (researchers, medical personnel, and fighter pilots.

Unlike other versions of Den of Wolves, our model includes simplified lore to employwer dynamic model of a growing and shrinking fleet - where power may shift among players.  

In a sudden and coordinated strike two weeks ago, Wolf forces unleashed a wave of chaos, employing cyber-attacks, espionage, and sabotage to cripple the Interstellar Council's military apparatus. The consequences were dire as they proceeded to wreak havoc on the various inhabited planets, leaving destruction and turmoil in their wake.  

Once an obscure group of dissidents, the Wolves appear focused on destroying the rest of humanity.  They were nearly successful - with a comprehensive attack on military forces across the system.  Wolves systematically infiltrated vessels, politicked their way into leadership positions, and then unleashed chaos and fury upon the fleet.

Checkmate was avoided.  Amidst the chaos, one shining beacon of hope emerged—the battleship Aegis. Somehow, it managed to withstand the onslaught, escaping to the cold depths of interstellar space. As the last bastion of resistance, the Aegis swiftly transformed into the guardian of a newfound alliance known as the "Survivor Fleet." Comprising civilian vessels desperately fleeing the clutches of the Wolf forces, this fleet faces an unprecedented challenge.

Your role, esteemed commanders, is pivotal in this struggle for survival. As part of the Survivor Fleet, you must navigate the treacherous aftermath of the attack, charting a course for your vessels while ensuring the essential resources needed for survival. The delicate balance between maintaining government and social order and mounting a formidable defense against the relentless Wolf pursuers rests in your capable hands.

Each decision you make will shape the fate of the survivors, determine the trajectory of the fleet, and influence the outcome of this interstellar conflict. Your strategic prowess will be tested as you grapple with the dual responsibilities of leadership—caring for the immediate needs of your people and fending off the imminent threat posed by the Wolf forces.

Prepare yourselves, commanders, for the challenges that lie ahead. The galaxy awaits your guidance, and the destiny of the Survivor Fleet hangs in the balance. May your decisions be wise, your alliances strong, and your resolve unyielding as you embark on this epic journey through the cosmos.

Current Status

We are in a race for our lives - the sheer fate of humanity lies in your hands.  We have started sending out scout ships to find resources and potential fellow survivors.  Our goal is simple: survive.

Original content for Den of Wolves is licensed by South West MegagamesDen of Wolves: Turbo is a shorter experience with iconography meant to mirror the Basenti Game System.