Identify Experts

Our methodology is rooted in social science and information science best practices. By blending the Delphi technique with teaming methodology, Basenti offers a best of two worlds approach to developing solutions to overcome today's challenges.

Our process starts and ends with a bench of qualified experts across multiple fields. Once we identify a group of experts to work on a project, we divide the cohort into two squads: the yellow team and red team.

Yellow Team Generates Ideas

The yellow team independently collects information about a particular case, identifies similar examples, examines potential policy alternatives, and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each variant.

In cases where multiple viewpoints are needed, multiple yellow teams may tackle the same use case to diversify the idea set.

Red Team Refines Ideas

The red team independently collects information about a particular case, reviews the analyses produced by the yellow team, rates and scores the proposals, and generates feedback to refine the work.

In more complex cases, multiple revision cycles may occur to flesh out particularly intricate challenges.


After reconciling feedback, project leads present their findings to the appropriate audience.

Most of our work is distributed into the public domain via Creative Common Licenses to avoid paywalls from preventing progress.