Businesses Executives

Executives are players who work for the large corporations. In many cases, these players will buy land and labor to produce products. In turn, executives will sell products to cities and colleges hoping to achieve various milestones.

Corporations will start the game with a tableau of business processes that can convert labor and resources into products. In some cases, corporations will buy and develop real estate to create more efficient business processes. Executives will start the game with resources, several shares of stock in their corporation which may be sold.

City Elites

City Elites are players who represent influential players in the political and economic world. In many cases, these players use land, labor, and stocks to advance their agendas.

Elites will start the game with a combination of real estate, labor, money, and a small amount stocks.

Elites are generally interested in fulfilling milestones that require luxury goods produced and various soft goals. Unlike other players, elites' homes may change throughout the game due due to urban policy cards.