Basenti focuses on scalable, modular games from both smaller gaming groups to dozens of players. We aim to provide players the chance to recreate megagame type experiences at home with smaller player counts. With modular designs that can be integrated, our goal is to empower gaming groups to design the type of experience they want to have - focusing on the parts of play they enjoy the most.

Basenti's current gaming system, Global City, attempts to blend political, cultural, economic, and academic themes into a single gaming experience. Each of these elements are represented by individual games: politics in Mischief of Faction, sports culture in wrestLEgacy, economics in Oligopoly, and academics in Robes and Rivals. Each of these games can stand alone or blend together in a larger play experience.

Our first publicly available game is Mischief of Faction, available on Kickstarter.

In Production

Mischief of Faction is a social deduction megagame where players work with their friends and neighbors to advance their agenda by passing policies and gerrymandering district lines to gain political advantage. In Mischief of Faction, players win by passing their faction's policies or scoring points for their home district. With two routes to victory, players face interesting tradeoffs: help their agenda or help their district? All the while, players are moving from district to district, realigned to their new homes, new colleagues, and new alliances to build.

Mischief of Faction is a highly scalable social deduction megagame for 6-25 players. Wheel and deal in a political game that offers shifting alliances and multiple routes to victory.

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Learn about Mischief of Faction is on Kickstarter

Convention Games

WrestLegacy is a highly scalable multi-session professional wrestling game. Players grapple for control of the squared circle, where decisions impact future games.

Oligopoly is a scalable business megagame for 12-63 players. Develop real estate, put labor to work, and make wise investments to profit in a fast paced economic game.

Robes and Rivals is a scalable megagame that places players at the head of a university. Think you can do better than deans, coaches, and researchers? Here is your change.

Global City is a compilation of three other megagames - the first attempt at a megagame system. Build a better city - politically, economically, culturally, and intellectually.