WrestLegacy is a highly scalable megagame that places 3-24 players at the heart of the professional wrestling world: behind the scenes. Manage a stable of professional wrestlers across multiple territories, issuing challenges to other players and putting bragging rights on the line for championships. Players can train their wrestlers and equip them with key objects to give them advantages in matches - from the Robe of Woo to the steel folding chair. If feuds escalate, then players might issue a "loser leaves town" stipulation, which will force the player to go to another play area.*

Players will train their wrestlers, changing their skill set over time. Title lineages will continue from session to session, and after multiple plays debates over the real world's champion will ensue.

WrestLegacy is roughly a two hour experience, including rules introductions and a debrief session at the end of play.

*if the game is not scalable to multiple tables, then the loser leaves town element will be eliminated.