Deans are in charge of the university's budget.

Deans have three key functions: collecting money by graduating students, meeting with other administrators to select future events, and allocating money and students to other players.

Good for players who enjoy leading teams, negotiation, and managing scarce resources


Students are the lifeblood of universities. Recruiting students with scholarships will enable other departments to succeed in their roles.

Recruiters will draft students each round, offering competitive scholarships to students already committed to other schools

Good for players who enjoy bidding, take that, and area control style games


Students are at school to learn, but sometimes distractions from "college life" can get in the way.

In Robes and Rivals, teachers can choose to push students with more ambitious curricula, but may burn students out for the year.

Good for players who enjoy taking silly risks, press your luck style games


Research is a critical function for universities - not only for the betterment of society but to advance universities.

Researchers combine student skill sets to navigate various research challenges.

Good for players who enjoy set collection games and deck building


The National Gaming and Athletics Association (NGAA) runs several competitions every year. The prestige from these events can help universities advance.

Events range from big sports to choir competitions to robot fights.

Good for players who enjoy dice rolling games

Recommended Combinations for Shorthanded Teams

For teams with fewer than five players, we recommend consolidating these roles:

  • Coaching and Deans

  • Recruiting and Research (these two things happen in proximity to each other)