Teotihuacan Tech

Teotihuacan Tech is the leading university in the Mexican collegiate system. After luring Latin America's leading engineering and technology faculty to a beautiful campus just outside Mexico City, TT has become an academic powerhouse in those fields.

Borough University of New York

With five campuses across New York City, BUNY is the largest public colleges in the United States. The Bunnies are no frills and education first, trying to reach as many students as possible.

College of Northern California

Located just outside of San Francisco, CNC is a destination private college. The Vintners are known for quality business and arts education, although they are a bit of a party school.

Tower School of Economics

Home of some of economics' greatest minds, the Tower School of Economics is a crucible for law and business students. Redcoat faculty pride themselves on their academic rigor and are highly competitive in research circles.

Putingrad A&M

Since Vladimir annexed several schools into a single system, Moscow's flagship campus is most known for their cut throat approach to athletics. The Hackers' win loss ratio matches the school motto: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."

Egalite Université

Egalité Université upholds the finest traditions in nearly every artform. Some want to pull the school out of the 18th Century and deliver it into the 21st, but the school's classical curriculum is its main draw.

Northern South Korean University

NSKU may be the most balanced university on the global stage. Home to a widely diverse curriculum, NSKU continues to produce well rounded students equipped for nearly any environment.

Shanghai State

By far the largest student body in the world, Shanghai State is known for a colorful student body. The Stars have a growing athletics program, but most of their students are known for their engineering capabilities.

Tokyo Institute

Dating back nearly 900 years, the Tokyo Institute is steeped in rich history. Today, Medieval traditions mix with modern demands, as the Suns churn out great lawyers alongside businessmen with best in class science chops.